My MIT Alandhi Publicity Experience

“I took the road less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

– Robert Frost.

There is something about a story in which the unbelievable is achieved, odds are beaten and expectations are exceeded. Here is a story of the team who not just took up such a challenge, but also thrived at it.
Pooja Patil, Shubham Pampaliya, Rasika Deshpande, Sushmita Nair, Sakshi Jain and Sejal Kalantri were given the seemingly impossible task of publicizing Credenz at MIT Alandhi, more of an exercise in courtesy than publicity.
“The road that led us was so narrow that even a car could barely pass through. We went through the same road thrice and could not make it to the entrance of the college”, says Pooja, who along with her team had a hard time reaching the college, not to speak of getting the necessary permissions.
The initial response was cold, and the registration desk bore an abandoned look. But there was a desire to try, not accept things as they are, to make something out of nothing. The team started taking to everyone they saw- everyone.

“We were so involved in publicizing that we confused a staff member for a student and tried to tell her about the various events.”

Fortune finally favored the team, when the team started talking to those involved in the Robocon competition being held at the time. As the word spread, more and more people showed up. The response was to such an extent that people bunked their classes to listen to the team.

An unexpected number of 48 entries were received on this day, surprising everyone. This team of six was still unsatisfied as they could not complete their half century, but the team came back to receive an atmosphere full of celebrations, for their 48 registrations completed a total of 1000+ entries in Credenz ’14, marking a greater milestone than the half century goal. Their efforts boosted their fellow publicizers into the adrenaline rush caused by positive competition and were soon followed by higher number of entries by the end of the week symbolising the true spirit of Credenz.


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