3 ways the B-Plan team proved true to their event’s purpose

The main aim of having a business event in an engineering college can be explained best in Shubhankar Panse’s words,
“The knowledge and activities concerning the engineering college help you manufacture a product while you can get into nits and grits of how to market it with the help of B-Plan.”
B-Plan is an event which involves as much proficiency to think outside, inside and all over the box as it does the ability to deal with realistic constraints. Coincidentally, the B-Plan team has had its own share of thinking about ways to get around real-life situations as their contestants. There were several incidents that defined the integrity of the team and also tested its patience but they always managed to overcome these.

One such incident that took place the night before the event proved the same. They had to finalize the drafts for judges and participants for the 1st round.
“We had to publish a map in the round which had a huge part to play but we published the incorrect one”, Sahil Sharma recalled. Sakshi Kasat and Akanksha Gurjar, their seniors, pointed it out to them.
The map along with the drafts had to be ready by 8 the following morning and in order to get the job done, the team kept working till 2 o clock in the campus with the help of an improvisation which included cutting out the wrong part of the map and changing some parts. At 6 the next morning, the whole team turned in the corrected map along with the drafts and beat the challenges set up by the universe in their path.

Challenging situations seemed to have a thing for this team for this wasn’t the only time they had had to rebuild something at the last minute. There was the time they had to make the bar graphs for the background and paint thermocol. “Painting a thermocol is difficult in itself and with such tiny paintbrushes!”, Pritish Upalavikar exclaimed.
“Some of them was around the size of a man”, Akshit Pasrija added and opened his arms to portray the size.
About three of those were left and five were done when..
“Someone who had been passing without looking, happened to stamp on it!”, Akriti Goyal exclaimed with horror.
The flexes weren’t new and the bar graphs had to be of the perfect color to hide the part of the soiled flexes and the anonymous stamp just struck the nerve. On encouragement from their seniors, Madhuri Phute, Anjali Deosarkar and Gandhali Sheode, they restarted some work, cut and rebuilt half of it and joined it again ultimately having to put in twice the amount of time and efforts than what was necessary. Nevertheless, it had been a learning experience for them and they’d made a unanimous decision to never stamp on people’s work which was lying in the corridors, no matter how inviting it looked.

Speaking of inviting, there had been a certain turn of events where the B-Plan event faced which turned up like uninvited guests at a party. Instead of the participants being the object of speculation, the event’s strategy itself had come to be under speculation. As per the latest knowledge of B-Plan’s routine, we know that the event consists of two rounds, the first round being the objective one and the second round being the one where the participants present their own B-Plan.
“We put them in a situation where they’d have a startup and would have to compete with other reputable establishments and check what they’d give more importance if they had a limited budget-food quality or the ambience for an eatery and so on..”, Rohan Chandavarkar explained.
After the first objective round they had declared a break of 15 mins and everyone was about to disperse but the judge wanted to say something. As it turned out, there seemed to have been a misunderstanding with respect to the number of rounds in the event hence the first round faced sharp criticism on its objective format. However, after the second round had been executed successfully, the misunderstanding had cleared. The judge appreciated the event and also enlightened them on how ‘venture capital’ worked which was definitely helpful for all those present at the event. The B-Plan team took the criticism bravely as a team and decided to let its mettle do the talking for them and never once has it begrudged that moment since that was the moment their strength as a team had been tested and in turn had proven the saying “United we stand, Divided we fall.”

The teamwork which the team possesses is largely because of how approachable the seniors were. The seniors would decide the deadlines and impose them strictly as they should but they also gave them the opportunity to frame the first round entirely on their own. “Pushkar Badjugar, Gandhali, Anjali and Sakshi asked us to frame it as we wanted it, we discussed all their ideas after we’d framed it and there was never a bland no.”,Tansmay Deshpande added. The helpful insights into the same helped them understand the process of marketing a product and was knowledge well learned and applied. As the B-Plan team went through a lot of “learning things the hard way” themselves, it stood true to its event’s true aim: To provide a learning experience of how to deal with real-life situations while propagating your plan or in this case, your event.


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