To begin with one of the CLASHERS, Pooja Patil, revived the earlier days saying, “There were about 80-90 people with a worthy craze for the CLASH Team, everyone full of optimism, with a new medium for learning programming skills and technical knowledge.”

She further added, “After a course of time, due to different reasons, the number of total members decreased to about 25 to 30.” Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the team only grew with the closeness. They geared up and began learning different programming skills because that was the real time for hardwork!

Amongst the group, another CLASHER, Pranjal Bhor, elaborated the details of the
event, “The CLASH event composed of two rounds, the first round having
MCQ type questions which is succeeded by algorithmic questions for the second round.”

All the members agreed that they had a little background of programming but there was a lot of work to be done and they had a deadline of a month for the entire project.

Another member, Yash Gandhi, said, “For simplicity, the team was divided into groups according to the respective rounds and everyone was allocated different tasks of making questions on the respective topics.”
He added further,“The best part was the leaderboard, which specified the quality of questions being added by every group in a definitive order.”

Despite all the members having a spontaneous and energetic mindset, they had challenges to face, of which PyQt and Django were the mere start.
Jainesh Patel commented, “We were all familiar with the programming part, but implementations using Django was a major get through.”
Nevertheless, not only did they leave all odds behind but also they were also able to succeed in their goals and proceed beyond limits.

The CLASH members unanimously said that the seniors helped them in overcoming every obstacle that they faced while working on the main project. Day by day, the questions were built by them with the helpful co-operation of the seniors.

Swapnil Khandekar, another member, added, “As the event grew nearer, we all spent our time working in the IEEE room through afternoon till nights, the boys slept in the college Boys Hostel. We were even enthusiastic in helping members of other events like helping the Design Team as well as the Roboliga Team.”
“That was truly fun!”, he exclaimed.

Shweta Singh, another member,  remembered that, “Until the last night, finishing of the project was still ongoing and yet had to be finished, also there were bugs in the project but teamwork and help by seniors led us to a great success.”

Amidst the overnight stays and busy keyboards, the day of Credenz ’14 arrived with all fervor.
The first two days of Credenz were reserved for the First round and the last day for the Second round.
All of them recalled that the testing of software which was a rigorous task in itself had to be finished within an hour with many run-time difficulties. As a reward, the response that the team got from the participants was heartwarming.

“Seeing multiple requests on servers was an awesome feeling for all of us.”, Pranjal added.

There were about 1000+ teams registrations and more than 2000 people along with BE students (CLASH Seniors) had also participated which was quite good to watch. By the end of the first round, the questions were praised by students and even the seniors who had participated, appreciated the work.

Having participated in the earlier year’s CLASH the team members wanted to be on the serving end instead of the receiving end of the game for another hilariously vengeful motive. Jainesh added comically, “As the questions were made by all of us, watching the contestant going wrong had a devilish satisfaction in it!”

CLASH was a success for all of them inspite of the monstrous difficulties which came hand in hand with an event this largely scaled. The CLASHERS agreed that they worked their way up from the 0th level to the 1st level, which would have been unfathomable without the support of their seniors.
They also learnt how to work in team unanimously alongwith sharpening their programming skills.
It was during this time that they spent a number of memorable moments and strengthened some bonds with seniors while forming the SE-TE Team which would probably last a lifetime!


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