Unearthing the secrets of NTH


The Network Treasure Hunt team is probably one of the most close-knit teams who guard their work with stern secrecy. They say Knowledge is Power. If so, the NTH team members usually become the most powerful people during its biannual spotlight moments. The fetish of NTH was what led some of the team members to where they are today.
“When I first played NTH, I’d seen some guy playing it in the FPL practical and bunked for the very first time to play it!”, Utsav Mundada smiled in reminiscence.
“Since we had played NTH earlier, we wanted to take it to the next level”, Saurabha Dhongade envisioned. Around 16-17 people in totality had assembled for the first meet, each having their own reasons.
“We also wanted to learn how to make a website, apart from learning the ability to be a team player.”, Sejal Abhangrao added. In the first week, they received a task daily to come up with 5 to 6 legitimate questions. Little did they know, their work was being tracked.

“By the end of the week, they told us they’re going to select only 5 of us!”, Saurabha exclaimed. Due to the confidentiality required for the event to run fairly and successfully, the lesser the number of people the lesser were the chances of the answers getting leaked. After that week, the 5 lucky members remained profoundly sincere. For what was coming for them, the amount of sincerity they’d developed was apt.

“We had to be serious. Since NTH precedes Credenz, we were repeatedly told that ‘it will be the face of Credenz’ so we had to give it our best.”, Saloni Takawale explained. Despite having given 5 to 6 questions each in the first week, they weren’t up to the mark and were scrapped.
“We were still molding our thought process according to the event”, Neeraj Auti described. For a month they were told to work individually on questions. They had the friendly guidance of their seniors-Himani Deshpande, Rucha Sial, Leena Damle, Priyanka Rathod and Akshat Jain. The process of making difficult questions, however, seemed to be tedious.

“To solve questions we have to think outside the box and to make questions we have to think outside of the area which is outside the box”, Utsav gestured animatedly trying to explain the box-ed up situation. After a month they began working in teams, sitting in the reading hall making questions with each other. They would combine questions whenever they suffered from creator’s block. Usually they had their time to create questions but the seniors would never fail to give them spontaneous tasks! For instance, they had once gone through a very embarrassing situation in the reading hall.

“Once, when the seniors were going out to eat, they told us that if we didn’t finish 5 questions till the time they returned, they’d dare us to do anything. However, if we won we’d get a silk!”, Saloni narrated. When asked what the result was, this image surfaced.

Despite the bizarre dares they’d go through, they stumbled onto numerous weirder things while they worked. To name a few, there seemed to be a site which had no other function but to hum vowels while another website keeps zooming into a picture forming an endless zoom-zone. After the first breakthrough the work was fun as they even challenged their seniors to solve questions they were sure couldn’t be solved easily.
On the day of NTH, they had all been monitoring from their senior’s place while one of them had to get an extension board from the IEEE room. That team member was trapped in the IEEE room and had to fight bribes all the way up to 0.5k to keep from revealing the answers.
“I was messaging a guy from Delhi whom I told that I was in the top 3 players and he’d send me hints which i was giving him through the NTH account.”, Saurabha laughed.
Despite all the adventures they went through with the first NTH, the second one was an even bigger success. Their super senior, Vijay Malhotra, met after the first NTH after they’d faced some technical difficulties and motivated us.

“Since he had started NTH with another friend, we just wanted to make him proud.”, Sejal stated optimistically.
Within a week, they revamped the website from basic html with improvements in css and javascript. They really came together as a team with 10 times the enthusiasm after first NTH.The concept of ‘Teasers’ was introduced during second NTH, to get potential participants hooked. Arranging the questions, was done last minute for NTH 1 and had caused a lot of confusion. Thus for NTH 2 the difficulty level was decided prior, saving a lot of trouble for the members. NTH 2 also had prizes and certificates and well extended its time limit till Monday. They were so proud after NTH 2 as the response was tremendously greater than NTH 1. A guy from Romania called to ask about the questions.

Nobody could have taught this event to them, as it had to come from within. All the seniors could do is guide them, the rest was all due to individual effort. NTH helped them learn communication skills as an event, as a team and after their inevitable success the seniors treated them to a party in Kalinga, which had a lot of memories associated with it, which made them one of the most close-knit and powerful team present in the PISB.


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