My Publicity Story

In a world full of assignments, submissions and exams, it is tough to find an avenger who wants to cross the boundaries of conventionality. A few young guns of PICT IEEE Student Branch (PISB) jot down their experiences. Here is just another day in the journey of  publicizers- All of us set out on a new mission –  getting registrations for the most awaited and our very own tech-fest: CREDENZ ’14.

We were greeted with a heavy traffic on our way delaying our arrival at the destination. “On reaching COEP, to add to all the odds we had already faced, we were denied to put up a desk in or around the lobby. But after convincing them, we landed up with a desk in the academic complex”, said Trupti Katariya, a member of the team. The first ray of hope in the day was that the BEs had a seminar on the same floor as we were on. Let’s just say the game was on!

There was no stopping then. Registrations were in full swing, to the extent of a situation where no more receipt books were available. So we had to call the seniors for new ones. An enthusiastic response for our awaited robotics workshop made us get photocopies of the receipts we already had until there were none left.

A rookie, Somesh quoted ” I was going for the first time for publicity that too in COEP, so I was a bit scared. Moreover, we did not have the flyers to give away so we had to photocopy it. Our plan was successful and it all went smoothly”. The day went so well that our seniors Akshay, Anmol, Pranav, Radhika, Richa, Shivam, Soutri and Snehal came all the way with big smiles on their faces congratulating us.


It was more of a quality publicity rather that a quantity one. Sahil Sharma, one of the team members quoted, “After addressing around 30 people, 20 of them turned to register. It was a big leap considering how difficult it is to convince the COEP folk. ” Starving throughout the day, we headed to a canteen which had no food. But hats off to our determination that we still continued the publicity over there.

After all the hardships and difficulties, we must say it was one hell of a day. Other publicizers Renu Tapdiya and Saloni Takawale had this to say- “Crossing boundaries, exceeding expectations”. They also stated, “After a successful day of publicity, there was a feeling of satisfaction. The afterparty turned out to be the icing on the cake wherein our efforts were appreciated. It was a day full of excitement, experiences, fun, success and satisfaction.”

A new record of a total 68 registrations was made on this day. The publicity team consisted of-

Renu Tapdiya

Sahil Sharma

Saloni Takawale

Somesh Sakriya

Trupti Katariya


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